Sapphire Rune Plate Stats
The lightest and easiest-to-wear of the improvements of the Mystical Rune Plate. The sapphire is added to the gap on the front of the armor. Some parts of the armor get re-colored to blue and blueish runes are shown in red in the back and front of the armor.

This armor offers very high stats, even higher than the ones of the Mystical Rune Plate, while it also lowers the requirement from 25 to 15 and the weight from 27 to 12. Stats-wise it falls a bit short compared with its other 2 counterparts, the ruby and the emerald versions.

To obtain this armor, the player has to take a Mystical Rune Plate to the Hidden Mines of Al-Aziz and offer the drunk the armor, a Qualis Gem and Wine. The drunk will then offer the player one of the 3 gem rune versions, one of these being the sapphire version.

Sapphire Rune Plate2
Sapphire Rune Plate
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