Sara the Fox
Sara equip
While she doesn't share her surname with anyone, "The Fox" is a decently known travelling bard, who may entertain in other "ways" as well if paid enough or if she likes her employer. She is a skilled fighter as well despite her slight build, evidently having on more than one occassion needing to get away from one nobleman or another by force of arms, a situation she wishes to avoid yet again when the player comes across her, as one particularly clingy client is intent upon taking her as his wife, regardless of if she wants to or not. She offers her skill with a blade and as an entertainer to your company for a small fee to take care of some personal business to join and get her out of her predicament.

She starts with a simple sword and throwing knives, as well as a courser so she may be useful as either light melee cavalry or as a cavalry archer/skirmisher, unless the player chooses to dismount her (either to make her a foot soldier or archer,) or make her a mounted tank with a stronger mount.

She likes Sigismund Sinclair.

She dislikes  Alyssa as emissary, and in general dislikes Julia, who she sees as rather prudish and is shocked by how she lashes out at her for questions regarding the Empire's legionaires.

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