Sarleon Man-at-Arms

Sarleon Men-at-Arms are the core infantry unit of any Sarleon army and make up most of the infantry line. These troops are quick to train up with a very low upkeep cost for their level. They are well armed with the deadly Morningstars and Awlpikes and are guaranteed a shield adding to their defence. Their armor is also decent and consists of varying types of mail surcoats.

Individually they are decent fighters but do not match up to top-tier infantry such as Kierguards, Huscarls, Ghazi Dervish or Legionnaires. It is when they are grouped together in a well-supported Sarleon infantry line that they wreak havoc. With cavalry and archer support the effectiveness of these troops increase significantly and their Morningstars are especially effective against armored opponents and can take out most top-tier infantry. Their use of awlpikes also provides them with an anti-cavalry option although it is better to use Sarleon Halberdiers. Overall an average individual troop, yet when used in numbers become a very deadly force.

They can come equipped with an assortment of armor, including Mail With Surcoat, Long Mail Surcoat, Red Mail Coat, Heraldic Mail With Surcoat and Heraldic Mail With Leggings. They also wear either Mail Chausses or Mail Boots, as well as Leather Gloves and a Flat Topped Helmet. For their arms, they come wielding a Morningstar, a Sarleon Knight Longsword and an Awlpike, all of which come with a Heavy Kite Shield.

This troop is upgraded from Sarleon Armored Footman for 120 d and upgrades into Sarleon Halberdier for 200 d.

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