Sarleon Militia

These are the basically trained units of able bodied men from various villages in Sarleon who are available when a call to arms is issued. They don light leather clothes and wield one-handed swords and spears into fights. While effective against weak troops, such as Bandits or Outcasts, they can do little in the face of professional soldiers. They should be upgraded to either Trained Militia or Skirmishers before letting them take part in any real battles.

They are equipped with either a Northern Leather Jacket, a Red Gambeson or a Tabard, Hunter or Ankle boots, and always a Skullcap and a Plain Kite Shield. They may wield a choice among Sword, Iron Sword, Arming Sword or Spear.

This troop is upgraded from Sarleon Recruit for 10 d and upgrades into Sarleon Trained Militia or Sarleon Skirmisher for 10 d.