Sarleon Trained Militia

A cut above the usual militiaman since they're still alive, these men have seen a battle or three and gained valuable combat experience, which of course confers some measure of greater skill.

In spite of these somewhat better skills however they are still considered militia, but with their prior experiences they are at the final stage before they can be called professional Sarleon soldiers.

Their armor choice, still mostly leather and fabric, consists of a Red Gambeson or a Studded Leather Hauberk, Leather or Ankle boots, an Arming Cap or a Leather Cap and Leather Gloves. As such, they're unlikely to stop more than an arrow from an low-power bow or glancing hits from a dull blade. Armed with a poorly made assortment of weapons and shield, they can come wielding a Sword, Arming Sword or a Spear, any of which come with a weak Plain Kite Shield.

In their current state, they are well-suited for tackling the likes of soldiers similar to themselves, Bandits and Brigands, as they have shields to protect them from the brigands' crossbows, but they are at a serious disadvantage against most "real" soldiers and nearly any kind of cavalryman who are often more than capable of killing or seriously injuring them with but a single pass on a horse (save the least experienced ones, whom they can sometimes overpower without too much trouble.)

Getting them further along may take some effort (especially in particularly violence-prone regions such as in the grasslands near Marleons or the trade route to Poinsbruk,) but is well worth it in the long run as they get closer to the standing of potent Armored Footmen and mighty Halberdiers.

This troop is upgraded from Sarleon Militia for 10 d and upgrades into Sarleon Footman for 20 d.

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