Elacrai Map

2. Elacrai Castle (only shows up after beating Jatu quest and relations with Noldor>30.

There are several hidden locations that can be discovered throughout the game:

  1. The Red Brotherhood Hideout
  2. Elacrai Castle
  3. Hidden Mines of Al-Aziz
  4. Snake Cult Stronghold
  5. Old Ruins

To make them visible:

  1. An NPC traveler in the tavern will offer you an 'opportunity' for 200 denars. Usually this will net you some troops or a map to a chest. However, in one instance you may obtain a map to the Red Brotherhood Hideout, the location will then disappear.
    Hidden Mines

    3. Hidden Mines of Al-Aziz

  2. You must gain favorable relations with the Noldor (15 relation) at which point Quigfen will give you a quest to defeat a marauding Jatu army. If you succeed, the location (Elacrai Castle) will be revealed to you.
  3. Brother Randalf in the tavern will offer you the location of the Hidden Mines of Al-Aziz in return for a Qualis Gem (as of 3.9.4 a Large Pouch of Diamonds). The location can be one of two general areas: deep in the D'Shar desert beyond Torbah, or at the far corner of the Jatu foothills between Laria and Poinsbruk and more rarely above Cez.
    Snake Cult Stronghold

    4. Snake Cult Stronghold

  4. The Snake Cult Stronghold can only be found following the Order Grandmaster Quest of a Knighthood order. Once you find a traveller in a tavern brave enough to disclose the location, the stronghold
    Old Tale 2 - Hideout

    5. Old Ruins/Hideout

    will spawn. Its initial garrison is 1000 troops strong, after each failed attempt to storm it the snake cult increases its defenses so make sure to field a large number of elite troops.
  5. The Old Ruins can be found during the quest The Old Tale. Upon completion of the quest, it also can be turned into the player's personal Hideout.
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