Serpent Priestess

Serpent Priestesses are second only to Maltise of the Dread Legion in lethality and cunning. These dangerous servants of the snake cult cannot be taken alive during battle; they will always be killed, even if they would otherwise be knocked unconscious.

They are extremely dangerous and unpredictable individuals, trained from a young age to become loyal servants of Azi Dahaka. They are usually captured as young children from their homes, sometimes even right inside the cities. The specifics of their training are quite vague, but one detail remains certain; their kiss is fatal.

Serpent Priestess2

The two models of serpent priestesses.

Donning armor resembling the reptile they worship, they ride fast, unarmored mounts, usually leading patrols and seen in large numbers in an army. They are deadly warriors skilled with both crossbows and throwing spears. Their skill with blades is also not to be underestimated, especially when the player is venturing into the Empire territory during the early game. Note that they cannot be captured and can never be taken alive.

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