Many Torbah warriors have left the Bahadur Khan to embrace the old ways of desert raiders under the banner of Sheik Shalavan, all to try for the throne.

Sheik Shalavan 3.9

Sheik Shalavan is a former D'Shar lord exiled by Kadan Bahadur Khan for his disloyalty. Unlike most lords, Shalavan chose to stay in Pendor and plot bloody revenge against the Bahadur Khan. Before his fall from grace, he was the most powerful D'Shar vassal, rivaled only by the Caliphs. Among his ranks are his elite former household troops, some of the deadliest blades in the South. He has recruited many raiders and outlaws from D'Shar lands, and after he deposes the Bahadur Khan with his army, he intends to return the D'Shar to their nomadic roots.

He does not just spawn in Pendor and act freely, he can also be hired as a Mercenary Company by Marius Imperator.

Looking like a Windrider but far more deadly, both ranged and melee wise. Equipped with a Noldor Composite Bow and D'Shar Arrows as well as a Noldor Runesword complemented with a shield. What makes him easily to be spotted compared with a windrider in the battlefield is his mount, as he rides a Noldor Dark Warhorse, making him unique.

Sheik Shalavan Pict

Sheik Shalavan can be captured and freed for a Qualis Gem or a large pouch of Diamonds. His army generally numbers 350-400 riders, and consists of the following:


  • Since 3.9.0, one of the options will no longer give the player 100,000 denars, but a large pouch of Diamonds. His strength was raised from 39 to 57.
  • Since 3.9.2, Kadan Bahadur Khan will no longer hire Sheik Shalavan as a mercenary.
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