Shiruzah Ingame
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He is the leader of the Chosen of Indar Mercenary Company. One of the strongest leaders, as he not only shines in combat, but as leader. His 7 pathfinding Skill as well as his full mounted army makes his army the most efficient in the map, being able to outrun all the other armies.

He rides a fearsome Jatu Warbeast. For the initial charge he uses a Jatu Honor Lance, but if he is dismounted or forced to fight close range, he will use his Jatu Heavy Sabre with great skill, whilst covering himself with a Jatu Warlord Shield.

He will only hire if the player has at least 30 Right to rule, else, he won't find you as a trustworthy leader. His price is 15,000 denars.

Not only the player may hire him and his company, but also Kadan Bahadur Khan, Koningur Valdis and Marius Imperator. If any of these monarchs hired him, nor them nor the player can recruit this company until they are defeated.

He named his company in honor to the Jatu God, Indar. He thinks he is blessed by him, and that he guides his choices and existence. He had in the past very bad cuts and wounds, all that is left now are big scars and marks, some of these can be seen in his face.


Introduction: Hazah Jatu! Shiruzah, the Chosen of Indar, salutes you.

Shiruzah was shot by an arrow while riding away from battle in a false retreat. The chiefs cried coward and sent Shiruzah into exile. But the arrow was Indar's - I survived and he watches now over me. Indar guides his chosen, and He led me to meet you today.

When talked to: Lead us to more victories, Warlord, and our honor will be known in the Jatu steppes.

When ordering "I have a task for you...": The Chosen of Indar wait for guidance.

When told "Follow me": Jatu ride fastest in the plains. Woods are for Noldor and town-dwellers with no honor.

When ordered "Go to..." or "Patrol around...": Jatu! Forward, by Indar!

Departure: You are letting us go free. We salute you for the honor we gained in battle.

Now the Jatu will hear Indar's voice. Jatu need laws. I will make them obey in Indar's name - even if I have to kill half of them.

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