Singalian Horseman

Singalian Horsemen are relatively cheap, relatively accurate horse archers - though in no way a match for professionals such as Ravenstern mounted rangers. They are however, decent units to have in the start of the game, as they are some of the cheapest cavalry in both recruitment and upkeep cost. If the player leads them and uses them to circle round an infantry force then they will generally be able to cause decent casualties before going in for a final charge - assuming these are not heavy armor or shield bearing units. However, they will be decimated by almost any spear wielding units (given that they ride D'shar coursers and have only medium armour), and can generally only hope to beat other cavalry by outrunning and shooting them. Later in the game, they can still be used to provide horse archer support in large-scale cavalry battles, and to distract a large cavalry force (such as the Jatu) while you move your infantry & archers into formation.

They are equipped with the D'Shar Bow with Singalian Arrows, and either the Light Lance or Singalian Death Sabre, both with a Dark Round Metal Shield. They wear the Singalian Black Studded Leather with a Steel Sallet, Dark Leather Gloves and Splinted Greaves. For their mounts, they have a choice of coursers, either the Grey Courser, the D'Shar Courser or just the plain Courser.

They are found fairly easily, either as mercenaries, from red brotherhood members in taverns or in recruited prisoner stacks. Their predecessors, the Singalian Spearmen are found in all the same places (albeit more often and in greater numbers) and level up fairly quickly - while also serving a good anti-cavalry role until then.

This troop is upgraded from Singalian Spearman for 80 d and upgrades no more.

They can also be promoted into Eventide Ghilmen.

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