Singalian Temptress

While the organization of the Singalians is still unknown, those who have actually seen them report females leading their bands of slavers. Arrogant bandits who scoff at these women often land up as slaves in rowing galleys. The Singalian Temptresses so happen to be these women. Armed to the teeth with Singalian Death Sabres, Singalian Noble Sabres, a Southern Glaive and the D'Shar Bow with Singalian arrows, they prove themselves as deadly light ranged cavalry units, supplemented by the Singalian Horsemen and Spearmen.

Tougher than they actually look, they are harder to take down than their male underlings. However, they are still vulnerable to heavy infantry, ranged units and pikes. Still, they are decent fighters on foot, and their archery skills are decent. Employ them against isolated infantry and use them to circle around heavy infantry, peppering them with arrows.

They are Singalians' elite troop.

Each has 1 Noldor Trade Goods, meaning that defeating them may result in them dropping it.

Origins of the TemptressesEdit

Some time ago there was a Slaver who was very prosperous and had a sadistic bent to him. He decided to take the little girls who fell into his clutches and train them into deadly warriors as personal bodyguards. Later he "rented" out these "Delicious Darlings" to allied Lords to help deal with one problem or another.

This process was a masterpiece of brainwashing and training. After his death (at the hands of one of his favorite bodyguards) which was so well planned and so horrific that the notoriety and fear that these women create can make a man loose his water.

Today, the loose confederation of these sexually brazen and extremely deadly women still exist. They work for one leader at a time as individuals and take out their repressed general hatred of men in battle.

They take wayward slave girls of all nationalities and subject them to the horrors that they endured in a twisted justification of their own sadistic behaviors and in turn, create more and more "Temptresses".

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