Sir Timothy Ingame
Sir Timothy 3.9

He is the leader of Sir Timothy's Knights. He founded his own Order, and provided solid equipment, a good mount and solid training to any that wanted to join him, if they could prove to be trustworthy and fair soldiers. He is a humble and grateful leader, so the knights that were able to join him, only reaffirmed their faith in him.

The main difference between him and one of his riders is the blue-white colored lance he holds, rather than the plain white his knights use (check the picture below, he is the one on the right). He is equipped with a Long Blue Knight Lance (his knights use just a Lance), and instead of the Fierdsvain Longsword or the Blunt Steel Polehammer his knights use, he uses a Ebony Knight Sword. He uses the same heater shield as his knights, the one that symbolizes the Order, one with a white unicorn over a blue field (this can also be seen in their horses, the Unicorn Steeds, and on the front part of their chest armor).

His company also holds other troops like Rangers and Maiden Warriors, these are volunteers that wanted to join as well but Timothy didn't see enough good will within them, but they still follow Timothy's company in hopes of being formally accepted in the future.

He is slightly weaker than his riders, as he lost some of his recent training as tactician and into improving the efficiency and performance of his unique riders, whilst also being hit by the burden of age.

He can be hired by the player if he has at least 45 Right to rule and 15,000 denars. King Ulric and King Gregory IV are the other Monarchs that can hire him and his company.

Sir Timothy and all of his company proudly show their banner, and they intend this company and its legacy to be well known and last for many years.


Introduction: Greetings, your Majesty. Allow me to introduce myself: I am Sir Timothy of the Order of the Unicorn, and I am here to answer your call for heroes! My knights and loyal followers are yours to command!

When talked to: You summoned me, your Majesty? Does the Kingdom need saving once more?

When ordering "I have a task for you...": Well, of course! How can my order be of service?

When ordered "Go to..." or "Patrol around...": My knights travel wherever we are needed the most. Tell me, where would that currently be?

When told "Follow me": It will be done, your Majesty. You have my word!

Departure: I understand. Please, believe me when I say that I take no pleasure in leaving with your money, but hopefully the gold, along with our actions while in your service, will help me in reminding the people of my order's greatness. You have my gratitude, your Majesty. Until we meet again.
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