Snake Cult Follower

Likely the newest inductees to the Snake Cult, the simple follower is little threat to most soldiers on their own, their arms and armor being at best on par with a bandit. Their main advantages are sheer numbers and their javelins, which can cripple even seasoned adventurers and take down weaker mounts. As far as fodder goes, they're at least a cut above most since they have said javelins, but anything above a recruit that has a shield can easily crush them man to man. These cultists will make up a large portion of any given snake cult force, save for the Dread Legion.

After they've participated in a few raids and/or outlived their fellow followers, they may get the right to don the mail of the Snake Cult Armsmen, one step closer to the rank of Cobra Warrior and one of the most feared soldiers in Pendor.

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