The Strange Ebony Sabre is a very strong one-handed sword. It's extremely quick, with high swing damage and good reach, but poor thrust damage. Therefore, it's a devastating weapon from horseback, and at the very least an acceptable weapon on foot. It's a rare weapon to see in loot, as a few elite units are equipped with this blade. It's rarely seen in merchant shops as well.

This weapon can be unlocked for a player's Custom Knighthood Order equipment by capturing Burilgi the Usurper. In addition, both his army as well as Warlord Zulkar and K'Juda the Ravager's forces contain a large number of troops that use this weapon, so fighting these groups and certain Heretic parties are likely the best chance to find one in your loot.

Troops and heroes that use this weapon are:

A Scorpion Assassin wielding a Strange Ebony Sabre

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