Upgrade options for Strange Rune Glaive.

Mesh realglaive first
Strange Rune Glaive

Strange Rune Glaive.

Saphire Rune Glaive 2

Strange Rune Glaive in use.

A basic Rune Weapon Upgradeable to

Emerald Rune Glaive

Saphire Rune Glaive

Ruby Rune Glaive

Let's face it: you want to look at the upgraded ones anyway.

Basic Stats: Swing Damage: 52 Cutting

Thrust Damage: 23 Piercing

Speed Rating: 83

Reach: 244

Weight: 4.5

Cost: 19360 Denars

Strength Required: 18

Item ID: itm_pl_574

Cannot be used with Shield

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