Supreme Asp Helm

Seeing this helm means trouble, and the whole Empire knows about it. This helm is only worn by Maltise and an almost identical version is worn by her trusted bodyguards, the Asp Vanguards. The bodyguards' helm differs from the one of Maltise in that its slightly weaker and the crest is green instead of yellow. When the Empire scouts see this type of helmet, they know they must raise the alarm in the whole kingdom, as its no other but the Dread Legion invading their territory.

This helmet can only be obtained once by the player, and to do this, the player must defeat and capture Maltise, and when talking to her, tell her to return to her homeland and never come back again. She will grant the player with Supreme Asp Armor, Supreme Asp Helm, Asp Greaves, Asp Gauntlets and Asp Shield, but she will never come back, meaning if the player wants the Custom Knighthood Order Unlockable Equipment she offers, then this option shouldn't be taken first.

Supreme Set
Supreme Set 2
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