Throwing Axes Stats

Shot speed: 24
Abundande: 100

Weapon length in melee: 53

Thrown Axes Ingame

Very commonly seen in some Vanskerry troops and some Fierdsvain troops, specially the rogue ones, as well as some Fierdsvain vassals (these will always have the large bag modifier).

Its a throwing weapon with few ammo, but can be used in close combat without letting the player in a big disadvantage. Compared to other throwing weapons, which often do piercing damage, this weapon does more heavy damage against low armor troops upon heating, often even knocking them, but does poorly against high armored guys upon hitting them, and the small amount of ammo and reach makes this weapon good for poking down the charging enemy before entering combat, but in sieges, its actually very weak.

Can be often found and bought for cheap on weapon merchants. Its often looted when defeating Vanskerry patrols. Also, Kaverra starts with them due to her relation with the Vanskerries.

One pack of these can be obtained in Valonbray's City Chest. Since 3.9.2, there is a chance it has a modifier:

  • 15%: plain
  • 40%: balanced
  • 35%: large bag

They are used by:

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