They are the basic troop from the commoners non-faction related troop. They can be seen often. Their performance on the battlefield is very limited, due them being weak units and poorly equipped, both offensively and defensively.

They are equipped with a bunch of bad items, these being Cleaver, Knife, Club, Quarter Staff, Dagger, Spear, Metal Spike Mace and Sword. Some may have ranged weapons, but again, weak ones, such as Hunting Bow with Basic Arrows, Stones, Javelins, Throwing Knives or a Hunting Crossbow with Basic Bolts. They may have a Shield (Leather Covered Round Shield).

They are tagged as Mercenaries, meaning their wages are doubled, but they can be seen in Taverns in groups ranging from 2 to 9 hoping to be recruited. However, their level is so low, that their wages remain to be 1.

This is a basic troop of the Militia minor faction and can be upgraded to Sellsword and Town Militiaman for 10 d.

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