Gregor von Stahl

Order of the Silvermist Rangers
  • I live in Michigan, USA
  • I am Male

My favorite Major FactionsEdit

Ravenstern, Empire

My favorite Minor FactionsEdit

Mettenheim, Barclay

My favorite Knighthood OrdersEdit

Phoenix, Shadow Legion, Kraken, Silvermist, Falcon, Ebony Gauntlet, Clarion Call

My Personal CKOs (in case someone needs an idea)Edit

Totenkopf Brigade

Totenkopf Hussar - horse archers with hammers.

Totenkopf Grenadier - footman with polearms, morningstars, and maybe a giant axe.

Ragnbjorger's Bjorgenbjargers

Ragnbjorger Jormungandr - A big axe (Runed Silver), a small axe (Dragonspine and Shield), and a more different axe (throwing).  

Ragnbjorger Skjaldmaer - Shieldmaidens with whatever weapons I care to give them.

Order of the Steelborn Watch

Steelborn Lancers - heavy charge cavalry with lance, morningstar/battle hammer, and maybe a giant axe.

Steelborn Dragoons - mounted crossbowmen/archers depending on my mood. With hammers.

Legio I "Of Doom"

Doom Legionnaires - heavy cavalry (or foot knights) with lance, melee weapon, throwing spears.

Doom Auxilia - either ranged footmen with polehammers or skirmisher cavalry with throwing spears and long-range plus short-range melee options.

Order of the Spartan Warriors

Spartan Hell-Diner - Footmen with Dragonspine Axe, Ebony Long Sword, throwing spears, and shield.

Spartan Shadefighter - Footmen with War Spear, Ebony Dueling Sword, throwing spears, shield.

Black Guard of Pendor (a real CKO for the new king)

Pendor Black Guardsmen - Heavy lance or archer cavalry depending on my mood.

Pendor Black Swordsmen - footmen equipped primarily with Ebony Flamberge and other weapons as I see fit.

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