Valorshield Castle is situated in the forest near Laria. Be careful of the closeness to the Noldor, often getting a patrol lured away from their forest and zoning any villagers aiming to go to this castle, therefore harassing both economies (village and castle). It is originally owned by the Kingdom of Sarleon.

Its village is Fletcher.

The order of Red Fletcher Longbowman is based out of Valorshield in the lore, but curiously they don't seem to play much of a role with the castle itself in-game.

The castle has a motte-and-bailey style interior, with a wide outer courtyard and high ground interior. Due to the layour, it is simultaneously one of the easiest castles to siege and one of the hardest to hold, as the walls are short, with several ladders providing a quick way up for the attackers. Once over the wall, there's plenty of room to actually utilize formations and organize your forces as if it were a field battle. That said, should you end up owning it, the nearby Noldor can provide some extra security. Even though they are a threat, the Jatu can also ironically protect your castle by drawing off or chasing away opposing armies in certain cases.

Basing your CKO out of Valorshield can be interesting if you want to have fun with an anti-Jatu or anti-Noldor background theme to your created order, especially if your knights end up becoming horse archers.

Besieging this castle requires the construction of siege ladders.

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