Vanskerry Jarl

The Vanskerries are feared for their eagerness and desire to loot and pillage - they resent the Fierdsvain for abandoning their way of life. One will often see the Warriors and Raiders plundering in small groups along the West coast of Pendor. A Vanskerry Jarl, however, commands many men, and will not risk his hard earned power by travelling in small groups. No, instead the Jarls will band together, arriving at Pendor collectively leading a devastating army of hundreds of Vanskerries, Adventurers, and Hero Adventurers, all of whom are eager for loot and thirsting for blood. The Jarls are much more skilled than their lesser counterparts, and the lesser Warriors are more than enough trouble with their Darksteel mounts ...

Vanskerry armies are not very common, so you will most often see the Jarls in the party of Lord Hrothgar the Fat or, more notably, Earl Sigimund Stonehand, both of the Fierdsvain. You must be wary of him, as the Jarls make his army much more threatening than it initially appears. When fighting him, you may notice the Jarls hang back with the skirmishers. This gives them plenty of space to use their deadly javelins, which will do massive amounts of damage to your units (especially your cavalry). Not only are they dangerous at range, but they will easily annihilate any units that come near them with their Dragonspine Axe.

This is a special unit, as so, it doesn't have a upgrade tree. You can get Jarls in your army by asking Kaverra for troops each week. 

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