Vanskerry Marauder

The weakest troop of the Vanskerries, and like the rest of the Vanskerries, he is a footman that uses a wide variety of axes and some swords. Even though they are the most novice warriors, they are still fierce and well equipped and can easily take down most bottom tier troops.

Always given Light Throwing Axes to throw at their foes before the melee starts, they are not to be ignored. Only sometimes they will have helmet, meaning that those who won't will be heavily exposed to a deadly headshot, which is preferable by far instead of hitting their Byrnie as it will soak most of the damage.

They can be seen in Vanskerries patrols (4-20) and in the Vanskerry Leiesoldat (100-200), a mercenary company that may spawn on its own or other monarchs may hire to protect them.

This troop is the basic unit of Vanskerries and upgrades to Vanskerry Raider for 80 d.

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