Veccavi Queen's Guard

Similar to the main cavalry forces of Veccavia, the Queen's Guards ride light hunters to battle. They don heavy plate armor and are extremely powerful fighters. Their mounts enable them to reach an enemy's battle line in a matter of seconds, although they are much more susceptible to arrows and are easily unhorsed by pikes and halberds.

On foot, they are extremely dangerous fighters, effortlessly eliminating even the tough Fierdsvain Huscarls with their Veccavian Bloodswords, warhammers, military picks and morningstars. They are extremely merciless fighters, even for female warriors. Compared to the female mercenaries of the Griffonsword Adventure Company, the Queen Guards are more terrifying to face in battle.

Under a large hail of arrows and bolts, it is unlikely for any Veccavian cavalry forces to even reach their foe's line. However, in the event that one of these heavily armoured women reach your infantry, expect some casualties.

This troop is upgraded from Veccavi Knight for 200 d and upgrades no more.

Since 3.9: Veccavi Bloodsworn Guards are no longer upgrades from Veccavi Knight, which made this unit an elite troops. To obtain, you may gamble with Ramun the Slave Trader,you can also obtain them from Boadice (from either sending her to gather Right to rule or to recruit troops) or through the Heartbeat quests.

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