Vecaavi knight info
The elite hunters of the Veccavi, their ranks are drawn from the most skilled warriors of the isle. Unfailingly loyal to their queen, they are the bane of the Veccavi's enemies.

It is important to bear in mind that, despite their status as knights, they are not heavy cavalry. Their Veccavian Plate offers slightly less protection than most knightly plate armor, and they ride relatively frail hunters into battle.

As such, they are medium cavalry, not meant to take on the likes of the Knights of the Lion or bulldoze entire infantry formations in frontal charges. However, this doesn't mean they are inferior. Their mobility and high riding skill allows them to lance even top-tier enemy cavalry from horseback with ease. A small group of these can swiftly reach the enemy archer line can neutralise them before the opposing force can respond. On foot they are even more dangerous as a shield-bearing unit with claymores and Veccavian Bloodswords. To maximise their potential, use them with precision and keep them moving to avoid bogging them down in swarms of infantry.

This troop is upgraded from Veccavi Companion for 200 d and upgrades no more.

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