Veccavi Krom Guard 3.9

The Krom Guards appear to be those men of the Kral Guard who have served well for their female leaders and have been given much better arms and armor as a result. Having proper helmets, chain mail and a decent loadout of axes, they can be a considerable threat to even mid-tier infantry from Pendor's factions and it isn't unheard of for lighter cavalry to suffer considerably at the bites of their axes.

However, even with these advantages and increased staying power compared to the lesser Kral Guards, they still pose very little threat to heavy cavalry unless tightly packed and mixed with Kral Guards, and their preference to use their two-handed axes often results in quick slaughters by missile troops, however some will use 1 handed axes with a shield, else, they will have the shields covering their back.

This troop is upgraded from Veccavi Kral Guard for 80 d and upgrades no more.

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