Verante Kruus

Verante was born under the scorching sun in the deep badlands of Veccavia, the country of hard women and their male thralls, as third daughter to a minor local lady.

As per Veccavian custom, where the first daughter is given to the gods and the second to the queen, she was expected to be given to administration to succeed her lady mother as ruler and inherit her land, title and responsibility. She accepted her fate and grew – despite her wary and warlike temper – into a rare beauty, even for Veccavian standards, which teems with beautiful women driving men mad for lust and love, and was prepared and educated for her destiny.

However, due to a queer coincidence the Queen of Veccavia, proud Boadice spotted her on a brief visit and broke with tradition and custom – picking Verante to become one of her handmaidens, a Kruus, a position of both honor and exaltation.

Verante immediately began her training for the rank of Kruus – Sword and Lance, Axe and Bow, Shield and Mace, Horse and Spear, Hunt and Swim, Sing and Mend, Serve and Order, Fight and Lose – she mastered all the arts required during long years of hardship and training gathering the strength, stamina and wits required to become one of the foremost members of Veccavia. This is partly visible in her mastery of her Hawkstorm Bow, and the strength to wear the heavy Stag Plate armor she wears.

During that training period she became friends and lovers with the queens sister, Eleanor. Both of them played a major part in the successful upraising, now called the Rattle of the Snakes, when Boadice was overthrown and her throne occupied by her eldest sister.

All that was years ago but only recently word has reached Veccavia that Boadice is trying to assemble an army to retake the throne and has sealed a pact with some unknown upstart mercenary captain. Ever wary, the Queen has sent Verante Kruus off to Pendor to finally seize and capture Boadice, whose life shall be forfeit if Verante Kruus ever lays her hands upon her...

Verante Kruus can be captured and ransomed for a Qualis Gem or large bag of Diamonds. Her army numbers between 320 to 500 soldiers and consists of the following:

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