War Spear 2

War Spear in use.

War Spear

War Spear.

It deserves saying: spears are the weakest weapons in Pendor, yet are among the most numerous. Unlike heavier polearms such as glaives or long axes, many spears are thrust-only and cannot be wielded with shields, leaving them severely weakened in close-quarters melee combat. However, a few include a swing attack and the ability to use with a shield. Of these, the War Spear is among the best options available.

The War Spear's swing attack is almost negligible, but it does allow a wielder to keep an enemy off-balance while you set up for a killing thrust. The weapon is used by a large variety of soldiers in Pendor, primarily ranged units who have this weapon as a melee option. The War Spear is easy to find and use, and does hold up, especially on horseback; many of Pendor's more powerful units have this weapon as an option.

Troops that use this weapon:

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