The Warhammer is a light, one handed weapon. Short and fast, it becomes effective very early in the game. Perhaps one of the most effective early-game armor piercing weapon, this as well as its ability to take enemies captive makes it an easy way to both level up one-handed proficiency and obtain an early stream of cash. Though later swords become more effective as wield speed and damage increase with proficiency, the Warhammer still remains a viable weapon, truly being surpassed only by ebony and rune weapons.

When on horseback, the Warhammer's length can make combat against infantry somewhat challenging. The best strategy here is to ride very close to an enemy, striking almost vertically at an enemy's head. Against heavily armored mounted foes, a downward strike to the helmet is the most effective use of its armor-passing blunt damage.

Rarely found in a weapon merchant. Diev Wodenssen starts with one as his close combat weapon.

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