Wolfbode Honor Guard

The champions of the Mystmountain tribes, they were the first to follow Wolfbode and take up his cause. As such have been rewarded with places in his Honor Guard. Mounted in ironbred stallions, they are fearsome heavy cavalry and ride with Wolfbode through the northern reaches with impunity. Each has taken countless scalps from Ravenstern knights and kierguards and can match a Knight of the Dragon in single combat.

They can be safely considered Bearclaw Berserkers on horseback, with higher weapon proficiencies compensating for lower attributes. They accompany Wolfbode in force and comprise the first waves of his army. It is best to confront them with the terrain in your favor. Their bearclaws shields are not a strong as those of knights, so engaging them at range for as long as possible will yield dividends. Lure them into a charge uphill into the waiting axes, swords, and halberds of high-tier infantry, with your archers placed still higher, and they will fall. Be prepared for casualties no matter how powerful your army.

This is a special unit, as so, it doesn't have a upgrade tree.

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