Wrapping boots a
General information
Name: Wrapping Boots
Type: Footwear
PoP version: v3.7063
Faction/Order: No Faction
(It can be in the inventory)
Farmer, Sellsword, Maiden Scout, Maiden Warder, Ravenstern Recruit, Ravenstern Militia, Ravenstern Skirmisher, Ravenstern Archer, Peasant Woman, Maiden Warrior, Fallen, Refugee, Elder's daughter, Farmer, Wallaby, Xena the Cook, Tinsmith, Hanos the Axebiter, Rufas, Porthos, Alfred, Wenton, Idravan, Salih, Ranger Fengreve, Squire Hendar, Oliver, Timurhanr, Warden Olon, Hunter Bryce, Mehmed, Sarlan, Master Yule, Olion, Abbot Fallonr, Mercan, Warden Maladan, Headman Heyreddin, Azen, Ezreal, Ronald, Rama, Rusnal, Sandaval, Valdarian, Camedarr, Warden Darsen, Senhok, Steward Hokwell, Welborrok, Montpiliar, Peldran, Master Mandrake, Hunter Dragold, Master Gofindar, Findel, Squire Delondar, Tinkobin, Abbot Bindarr, Vanvalen, Breshebarr, Squire Tahlberl, Berlbray, Senchel Braydon, Master Delfan, Sengorval, Squire Gorgrim, Higfrost, Quire Stephan the Sturdy, Master Hamidarlion, Peasant Rebel, Peasant, Nervous Man, Belligerent Drunk, Hired Assassin, Rough-Looking Character, Nurse, Minister
Modding information
Item ID: itm_wrapping_boots
Mesh name: wrapping_boots_a
Material: wrapping_boots_a
Weight: 1.00
Leg armor: 3
Abundance: 100
Trading details
Base price: 5 denars
Merchandise: Yes
Strength: 0
Modifier information
Available: tattered, ragged, rough, sturdy, thick, hardered, superb

Modifier stats Edit

Tattered 0 0 3d
Ragged 1 0 4d
Rough 3 0 3d
Sturdy 4 0 9d
Thick 5 0 13d
Hardered 6 0 20d
Superb 3 0 13d
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