2 East

These young noblemen have given up on the monotonous life at court and have decided to do something more thrilling, like adventuring. They are quick learners and have seen or participated in at least one real fight, showing the potential of becoming great knights or adventurers one day, although it's, as of yet, still a dream, as it's a long and arduous path ahead. They are decently equipped for their level and they can put their weapons to good use, but they lack the skill to face any more serious opponents and their equippment offers them the bare minimum to be considered decent fighters. Their mounts are not even hunters, as such, although they might have speed, chances are that it will only bring them a hasty death. They are still young and reckless and they need more time to train. Keep them alive and they will eventually develop into great warriors. Ocassionally, you will encounter them in small warbands led by knights from various regions.

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