Zulkar's Grim Rider 3.9

3.9 Rider

Trained personally by Warlord Zulkar to master the use of the bow and lance whilst ridding their Jatu Warhorse, these men are his most loyal troops, and they serve as his bodyguards.
Zulkar's Grim Rider

3.8.4 Rider

Equipped with a Darkwood Bow and Jatu Arrows, they shoot the enemy from afar. When the enemy gets to close they charge with their Jatu Honor Lance to then change to Strange Ebony Sabre with a shield. Their charges can perform couched lance damage, so the player should get over a hill to avoid their horses from getting enough speed to do these deadly charges.

They are only seen in Warlord Zulkar's army (50-150).

Changes from 3.8.4:

  • Numbers in Zulkar's army raised from 40-100 to 50-150
  • Proficiencies raised from 300 to 350
  • Light Lance changed to Jatu Honor Lance
  • Jatu Faceless Helm and Jatu Mask Helm changed for Jatu Cavalry Helmet
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